Cost: R 6500.00


This course is to provide the diver with a working knowledge of the theory, methods, and procedures of planned staged decompression diving while using optimal breathing gas mixtures. As part of the course, students will plan and conduct standard staged decompression dives (not exceeding a maximum depth of 46m), while using air, nitrox or helitrox; if combined with that course.

In the program, you will cover equipment requirements, team requirements, NTEC configurations and decompression breathing gas mixtures (oxygen and EANx). Upon successful completion of this course, graduates are considered competent to plan and execute dives that require staged decompression to a maximum depth of 46m, utilizing an optimal breathing gas as bottom gas and up to 100% oxygen for decompression without direct supervision. This is provided that the diving environment, activities, areas dived, and equipment approximate those of training.

Breakdown of what to expect:

  • The course consists of two classroom lectures.
  • ± four pool sessions to demonstrate the mastery of specific diving skills as required to complete the Technical Diver Skills checklist.
  • The NAUI Technical Diver Skills checklist must be completed prior to engaging in dives deeper than 18m (60 feet)
  • A minimum of six qualification dives.
  • It is recommended that students have their own equipment for this course.
  • The student will be required to complete a formal written exam,
  • The duration of the course and dates of the pool sessions and qualification weekend will be determined by the students during their first meeting. Together a course calendar will be established.


  • Pool Sessions – minimum four dives in confined water dives in the 0 Gravity pool.
  • Final written exam.
  • Air Fills – (while on the 0 Gravity premises)
  • Rental of equipment
  • Credential Card – (Electronic)
  • Registration – On the NAUI core website and the NAUI mobile app
  • Course T-shirt


  • Entrance and accommodation for Bass Lake.
  • Cost of qualifying weekend at the coast, or Wondergat, or Komati Springs.
  • Air Fills (while away from 0 Gravity)

What’s next?

Once you confirm your interest and payment is made, a “Meet & Greet” meeting, will be arranged where you will meet your instructor, who will introduce you to technical decompression diving. Together you will set up the course calendar and activate your electronic course material.